Beauty secrets of snail mucus

Beauty secrets of snail mucus

Korean woman are known for their radiant, acne-free, and flawless skin appearance thanks to their skin care daily routine that includes variant beauty products including skin-friendly components and one of the favorite one is snail mucus.

Skin care products with snail mucus such as creams, eye creams, cerums, masks, toners, emulsions etc

Snail mucus has been proven to be beneficial for the skin and is packed with nutrients:

  • • Glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans
  • • Allatoin,
  • • Collagen and elastin,
  • • Glycolic acid Hyaluronic acid,
  • • Antimicrobial peptides,
  • • Glycoprotein enzymes, copper peptides, zinc, iron, copper and manganese,
  • • Vitamis.


  • • Protects the skin from sun damage,
  • • Fights whinkles,
  • • Treat acne,
  • • Moisturizes skin,
  • • Fades scars,
  • • Eliminates dead cell,
  • • Encourages hydration of the skin,
  • • Accelerate the skin’s healing and the regeneration of cells,
  • • Restores skin elasticity and firmness,
  • • Prevents and eliminates post-acne scars, stretch marks, alleviate acne and hyperpigmentation,
  • • Protects skin from viruses and infections.

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